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Postcards Are High Impact and Low Cost

If you need to advertise (as most businesses do) and your marketing budget isn’t very high, then postcards are what your looking for. Often overlooked, postcards are not only a cost effective marketing tool that can be used to promote or increase your business, but they are also a fast and easy method to advertise a new product, service or location.

Postcards are a “key tool” in today’s world of modern marketing. A brief message or enticing offer combined with captivating design and graphics will generate sales, inform customers,and increase brand awareness.

One of the reasons why postcards are becoming more popular for advertising is because people will take the time to read them. There is no time wasted opening an envelope or flipping through pages. The message you want to convey is stated directly on the double sided postcard.

Postcards can be used for a variety of things. No matter what type of business you are in, postcards can be beneficial and profitable for you and your business. Use postcards to advertise for a special promotion or sale your are offering, announce a new product, website or location, as a coupon or use them simply to thank customers. Remember, regular postcard mailings will give you the optimal results. It’s best to back up your first mailing with a second and third to keep your brand awareness or message fresh!

Postcard Design Information

What Business Cards 4 Me offers:

:: Full Color Postcards
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible full color printing service available at
unbeatable prices. Rest assured you will receive a product that is of the highest quality and
gives forth a professional appearance.

:: Laminated Postcards
Lamination is a process whereby a thin film of plastic is permanently applied to the card.
Laminated postcards are not only more attractive but are also more tear resistant and
durable. Whether you choose to have a glossy lamination or a silky lamination (matte) with your postcard printing, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your potential
customers. Click here to receive samples of our different postcard printing techniques.

:: Double Sided Postcard Printing
One of the advantages of having a double-sided postcard is it allows you to provide more
information regarding your purpose for advertising.

:: Complete Business Stationary
Don’t forget, it’s not just postcards that we produce, but a complete range of business
stationary custom designed to your specifications. Let us help you create a clear and smart
complete corporate identity or marketing campaign today!

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